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they went away and i came back.

9 November
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a posteriori knowledge, abandoned buildings, aether and luminiferous aether, albert camus, ambient light, anarchist propaganda, anticonsumerism, apo mekhanes theos, aristotle's eudaimonia, autotelic experiences, avoiding excess, basho, calque, che guevara's photography, culture jamming, dead tree editions, depersonalization, dezert-smarandache theory, eliminative materialism, embarazado, entropy, experimental architecture, familiarity, fictional nonexistence, fire escapes, folk psychology not physics, graffiti, hiking, hinglish engrish and franglais, indian food, installing installation art, jorge luis borges, l'atelier populaire, lata mangeshkar, leechpit, leedskalnin's coral castle, lojban not loglan, maya, memes, muwakkals, my hero diogenes, occam's razor, one monosyllabic name, overusing dysphemisms, pacifism, periodical cicadas, plebian tastes, proleptic gregorian calendar, pseudonymity, public sculptures, qua, readymades, ryokan, samuel mockbee, sandhi, sapir whorf hypothesis, sculpture, situationism, souvenirs which are stolen, squatters' rights, starr kempf, stendhal syndrome, stichomancy, sustainable architecture, synchronicity, the epicenes, time-lapse photography, tri-x 400, using portmanteau words, wabi-sabi, walking in worn shoes, working phone booths, wu wei, wvkc, zen